Laying the Groundwork for a Thriving Business!

We all have passions in life, and if we are lucky, we get to make a living doing what we love!

It’s not just about sharing our passion with others; it’s about forging genuine connections that resonate with those who come across our path. If you’re ready to embrace the vulnerability and strength it takes to share your gifts with others, I’m here to support you on that journey.

Welcome to “Foundation First,” the kickoff to our three-part series that’s all about turning your passion into a profitable business. We all have passions, and some of us are lucky enough to transform what we love into a successful career. But is it really about luck? I believe it’s about taking that leap and asking, “What if?” and then doing something about it! What if this could be something more? What if I could actually live a life doing what I love and earn a living from it? That’s exactly why I created this course—to help you explore the possibility of doing what you love full time.

What’s Inside


  • Assessing Your Current Position
  • Crafting Your Vision
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Creating Action Plans
  • Utilizing Worksheets and Templates



Foundation First (FF) is For You if You’re Saying Heck Yes to Any of the Following….

You have a strong passion for something, maybe even a side hustle, have built a following, and you are ready to explore how to lay a strong foundation so that you can begin growing your business.

This class sounds exciting to you and you are ready to say YASSSSSS to Foundation First!

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside the Course:

My frameworks for creating your personal identity/business message, biography, and mission statement (value: $499)

My Résumé Framework along with Curated Templates to Choose From (value: $349)

My Roadmap for Establishing Your Presence on Social Media (value: $749)

The FOUNDATION FIRST Workbook Full of Information, Encouragement, Worksheets, and More to Guide You as You Work Through the Course (value: $179)

Exclusive Access to our Private Facebook Community (value: PRICELESS)

AND…if you sign up now you get these bonuses!

BONUS: Goal-Oriented Mindset – $149 Value

In this bonus module, you’ll dive into the crucial role mindset plays in entrepreneurship. You’ll start by identifying and reframing limiting beliefs that might hold you back, learning to see failure not as a setback but as a valuable learning opportunity. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll practice setting achievable goals, building resilience, and fostering a supportive community around you. Additionally, you’ll commit to continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring that your entrepreneurial journey is not just about reaching a destination but about growing along the way. By the end of this module, you’ll have the tools and mindset to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with confidence and grace.

BONUS: Platform Precision – $149 Value

In this module, we will explore the array of platforms available to you, focusing on identifying the ones that best suit the specific needs of your business, whether you’re in the planning stages or already operational. We’ll delve into the pros and cons of various platforms, providing you with a comprehensive overview to inform your decisions. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each option is crucial, as making an informed choice from the outset can significantly influence the efficiency and success of your business operations. This module is designed to equip you with the knowledge to make strategic platform choices that align with your business goals and enhance your online presence.

Also included as a bonus with today’s purchase…

6 Monthly Q&A Session with Me!

When You Add it All Up, That’s a Real-World Value of $2224



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Get the Facts Before You Say YES to Foundation First!

This class is a work at your own pace. The video content is only a couple of hours in length. The rest is going to be you working through the exercises to complete the work. You can set up your work time however it fits into your life. Some people work through one module per week, others set aside an hour or two each week, while others just pick up where they left off as it fits into their busy schedule. There is no right or wrong way to go through the course. It is flexible to fit your needs!

This course is for anyone that would like to begin laying the groundwork for your business prior to launching it. It is also for you if you already have a business and are looking to redefine who you are and what your message is. So, if you have a passion, and you are ready to put into words your unique story to share with others, then YES, this course is for you. You don’t have to be a successful business owner just yet, but it’s also okay if you do. This course is for you if:

  • A future dream of yours is to be a full-time business owner
  • You have a side hustle that you think could turn into more
  • You already own a business, but you are working toward a clearer vision, solid messaging, prioritizing goals, and more.

If you still unsure, please email me at and we can discuss if this would be a good fit for you!

This course comes with lifetime access. While the videos are not downloadable, the workbook, templates and all other materials will be available for you to download. You can come back to this course over and over again as much as you need to, for as long as this website is up and running (which should be a very long time)!

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